Quiz: What Spy Ninjas Are You?

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Are you as courageous a spy as Chad Wild Clay? Or are you as technologically skilled as Vy Nguyen? Find out which Spy Ninja you are by taking this test! You will be given a number of questions about your personality, abilities, and interests in this quiz. You will be given one of the five Spy Ninjas—Chad Wild Clay, Vy Nguyen, Wesley Nguyen, Daniel Preda, or Michael Vigilante—based on your responses. You are all a part of a group that is committed to battling evil and guarding the internet, no matter which Spy Ninja you are. Therefore, take this test to see which Spy Ninja you are! You might end up being the next Spy Ninja recruit, who knows?

Questions Excerpt

1. What's your preferred mode of communication?

A. In-person conversations

B. Texting or messaging

C. Phone calls

D. Social media DMs

2. What's your ideal Friday night?

A. Attending a live event or party

B. Binge-watching a new series

C. Trying out a new restaurant

D. Spending time outdoors or with family

3. In a team project, you usually:

A. Take charge and lead

B. Contribute ideas and brainstorm

C. Focus on executing tasks efficiently

D. Provide emotional support and harmony

4. What's your go-to accessory?

A. Stylish sunglasses

B. High-tech gadgets

C. Chic scarves or hats

D. Classic watches or jewelry

5. Your friends would describe you as:

A. Charismatic and outgoing

B. Intelligent and analytical

C. Energetic and adventurous

D. Compassionate and reliable

6. What type of movie do you enjoy the most?

A. Action-packed thrillers

B. Mysteries or crime dramas

C. Sci-fi or fantasy adventures

D. Romantic comedies

7. When faced with a challenge, your first instinct is to:

A. Confront it head-on

B. Analyze the situation carefully

C. Find an innovative solution

D. Seek advice from others

8. How do you handle stress?

A. Engage in physical activities

B. Retreat to a quiet space

C. Distract yourself with hobbies

D. Talk it out with friends or family

9. Your fashion sense is best described as:

A. Trendsetter with a unique style

B. Classic and timeless

C. Edgy and experimental

D. Comfortable and practical

10. What's your favorite way to unwind?

A. Attending a social gathering

B. Reading a book or researching online

C. Going on an adrenaline-pumping adventure

D. Relaxing at home with a movie or music

11. How do you approach new challenges?

A. With enthusiasm and confidence

B. With careful planning and strategy

C. With a willingness to take risks

D. With collaboration and teamwork

12. What's your preferred method of problem-solving?

A. Taking action and thinking on your feet

B. Analyzing data and facts

C. Finding creative and unconventional solutions

D. Consulting others for opinions

13. Your friends often seek your advice for:

A. Social and relationship matters

B. Technical or practical issues

C. Planning exciting outings or trips

D. Emotional support and guidance

14. Your favorite type of book is:

A. Action-packed thriller

B. Mystery or detective novel

C. Science fiction or fantasy

D. Inspirational or self-help

15. When making decisions, you rely on:

A. Gut feelings and instincts

B. Logical analysis and reasoning

C. Intuition and creativity

D. Consulting with others for input


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