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What Should I Ask For Christmas Quiz

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Christmas is the most enjoyable festivals all over the world, where people joyfully share gifts and precious time with each other. In this, they also offer prayers at church light the candles, pray for goodwill and eagerly wait to welcome the new year. Christmas is also a festival where people do shopping for themselves, family friends and also brings things to decorate their houses to welcome happiness and wealth, they do invite their friends and relatives at brunch and share quality time with each other. Let's take this quiz & guess your gift.

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1. What you prefer to do most in your holidays?

83621 Travel/Hangout
83622 Do Pending work
83623 Stay back at home and spend quality time
83624 Depends on Mood and time

2. What can be considered as your point of priority or attraction?

83625 Clothing
83626 Adventure
83627 Quality Time
83628 Anything

3. According to you in your life who knows you the best?

83629 Family
83630 Friends
83631 Partner
83632 No Idea

4. What activities you are more likely involved in your life?

83633 Sports
83634 Household chores
83635 Office work
83636 Always busy

5. What among the following can make you smile within a second?

83637 Something to eat
83638 Trip Plan
83639 Day off
83640 Shopping

6. What sort of things you expect from others they should get you?

83641 Electronic gadgets
83642 Something special
83643 Anything
83644 No idea

7. What is your relationship status?

83645 In a relationship
83646 Single
83647 Married
83648 Complicated

8. If we consider your emotional attachment with whom you are more close with whom you share all your thoughts and feelings?

83649 Parents
83650 Best Friend
83651 Partner
83652 No One

9. What do you like to do among the following?

83653 Shopping
83654 Cooking
83655 Interior Decoration of Home
83656 Chill and Hangout

10. If you are given an choice to get a collection of something what would you prefer most?

83657 Memories
83658 Brands
83659 No idea
83660 Anything easy to collect
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