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What Season Am I Quiz

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There are four seasons in a year and they all have their importance attached to them. Seasons affect us considerably and all four of them are different in their appearance. Whether it is spring, autumn, winter or summer we have the freedom to enjoy the natural beauty these seasons have to offer. Are you cheerful or gloomy? Below is the quiz about the season that is similar to you and the answers to it.

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1. What season are you?

55410 Spring
55411 Autumn
55412 Winter
55413 Summer

2. How beautiful season are you?

55414 Very beautiful
55415 Slightly beautiful
55416 I have no beauty at all
55417 I am ugly

3. How colorful are you?

55418 Very colorful
55419 I am colorless
55420 I am a multicolor season
55421 I represent only one color

4. Do you favor sunshine?

55422 Yes I favor sunshine
55423 To some extent
55424 No, I do not
55425 To a lesser extent

5. Are you the best season of all?

55426 Yes, I am
55427 No, I am not
55428 I am an average season
55429 I do not know what to say

6. Do people like you?

55430 Yes, they like me very much
55431 No everyone hates me
55432 Very few people like me
55433 I do not know what people perceive about me

7. Are you proud of yourself?

55434 Yes, I am extremely proud of
55435 Rather sometimes
55436 No, I am ashamed of myself
55437 I have no idea

8. Which festival do people celebrate in your season?

55438 Christmas
55439 Lunar New Year
55440 Diwali
55441 Eid

9. Do you always brag about yourself?

55442 Yes very often
55443 Sometimes rather
55444 No, I do not
55445 I am neutral

10. What is bad about your season?

55446 It is very dull and boring
55447 It rains a lot
55448 It is very cold and wintery
55449 It is very hot and humid
Let’s start the quiz

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