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Quiz: What Pokemon Are You?

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Pokemon, the first thought that strikes in our mind are our childhood and the fun we had while watching it, this Pokemon is a pocket disaster or can say small packet and a huge blast. Pokemon varies from character to character but some or other way we can easily correlate ourself from them imagining about them and their powers it would have the same power then how we would tackle up with the situations and how we would react up to them. Let's find out your Pokemon.

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1. What sort of places do you prefer to live?

29718 Pallet Town
29719 Pewter
29720 Lavender Town
29721 Cerulean

2. Which quality describes you the best?

29722 Honesty
29723 Respect
29724 Brave
29725 Passionate

3. What can be considered as your major drawback?

29726 Unpunctual
29727 Selfish
29728 Distracted
29729 Stubborn

4. Who can be considered as your favorite character?

29730 Misty
29731 Dawn
29732 Pikachu
29733 Absol

5. What would be your evolutionary stone?

29734 Thunder
29735 Water
29736 Fire
29737 Sun

6. What can be considered your strategy to go to attack?

29738 Water sport
29739 Rock Tomb
29740 Tackle
29741 Mega kick

7. What is your favorite gym badge?

29742 Boulder Badge
29743 Cascade Badge
29744 Thunder Badge
29745 Volcano Badge

8. At what part of your personality you feel you are best?

29746 Friendship
29747 Helping others
29748 As a saviour
29749 Practical

9. Which among the following can be counted as your favorite game?

29750 Blue Version
29751 Yellow Version
29752 Omega ruby
29753 Diamond version

10. According to you, one can categorize you in which category among following with respect to health?

29754 Cute
29755 Chubby
29756 Thin
29757 Healthy
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