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What Mental Disorder Do I Have Quiz

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Disorders affect any part of the body to a significant extent. It varies in degree and maybe curable or non-curable. It is a serious thing to ponder over. Are you suffering from any? There are millions of disorder cases worldwide and doctors and psychiatrists are working round the clock to find a solution to the problem with scientific methods and technology. This quiz below will give the answers to the type of mental disorder you suffer from.

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1. Describe yourself?

55170 I am tall and well built
55171 I am slim and medium built
55172 I am short and fat
55173 I am overweight

2. What mental disorder are you suffering from?

55174 I am having a nervous weakness
55175 I am a hysteria patient
55176 I am a psycho
55177 I do not have a disorder

3. Is your mental disorder serious?

55178 Yes it is
55179 To some extent
55180 No, it is not
55181 I am not sure

4. How did you get this mental disorder?

55182 Due to tension and depression
55183 Due to family problems
55184 Due to brain tumor
55185 I have since childhood

5. Is your mental disorder curable?

55186 There is a solution for it
55187 There is no solution yet for it
55188 It has been cured already
55189 I hardly believe there is any

6. What do doctors say about your mental disorder?

55190 They say it will take time to cure
55191 They say it is not curable at all
55192 They say it is curable
55193 They are not sure what to say

7. When was your mental disorder first diagnosed?

55194 Some 10 years ago
55195 Some 5 years ago
55196 A year ago
55197 Last month

8. Do you feel dejected for your mental disorder?

55198 Yes, I do so frequently
55199 It lets me down very often
55200 No, I do not feel so
55201 Can’t say anything about it

9. Are you scared you will be marginalized for your disorder?

55202 Yes I am
55203 Not really though I have support
55204 To some extent
55205 Nothing can scare me precisely

10. What is bad about your mental disorder?

55206 Life is tough and full of suffering
55207 People look down upon me
55208 I am very devastated because of it
55209 I have nothing to say about it
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