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Quiz: What Kind of Boyfriend Will You Have?

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In this World, everyone needs a partner for a happy life. Most of the people want that her partner would be caring, loving and honest with her. Everyone has a list of some desirable quality which she wants in her partner. So play this quiz and know what kind of boyfriend will you have?

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1. What is your hobby?

1848 Listening music
1849 Gyming
1850 Social work
1851 Reading book

2. If your partner forgets your birthday then what you will do?

1852 Show some anger and after that forgive him
1853 Do breakup with him
1854 Try to know the reason why he forget it
1855 Leave it and forgive him

3. When your partner cuddle you how you feel?

1856 Very good
1857 Don't like it
1858 Good
1859 Nice

4. On your first date which places like most?

1860 On the beach
1861 In the gym
1862 In hotel
1863 In house

5. Do you like to spend time together?

1864 Always like it
1865 Sometimes
1866 Like it
1867 Like it according to situation

6. What kind of gift do you like most?

1868 Flower
1869 Jewellery
1870 Card
1871 Family photograph

7. In your first sight, what you notice in a guy?

1872 Look
1873 Muscular body
1874 Hair
1875 Smile

8. What kind of animal do you want to see in your partner?

1876 Rat
1877 Bear
1878 Cat
1879 Dog

9. Do bad boys attract you?

1880 Sometimes
1881 Yes
1882 Maybe
1883 No

10. According to you in man which part is most attractive?

1884 Private part
1885 Muscular body
1886 Face
1887 Hair

11. What kind of relationship do you want to establish with your partner?

1888 Short term
1889 One night stand
1890 Long term
1891 Lifelong
Let’s start the quiz

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