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Quiz: What Is Your Social Media Secret Sauce?

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Social media is a great platform in any sense. For business, connecting with friends, and even for getting amazing tools. You might be aware of the technical word Social Media Secret Sauce? Well, people who are very much attached to social media tactics must be knowing a lot! Social media sauce is the secret tool that helps in marketing. Have you ever wondered what might be your social media secret sauce? You might be eager to know What Is Your Social Media Secret Sauce? Try out this quiz and get your answers!!

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1. What is your personality?

96694 Generous
96695 Adventurous
96696 Smart
96697 Quirky

2. Which social media app you use the most?

96698 Instagram
96699 Whatsapp
96700 Facebook
96701 Snapchat

3. How long it's been since you are using social media?

96702 12 years
96703 Less than 12 years
96704 More than 12 years
96705 I don't remember

4. For what purpose do you use social media?

96706 Meeting new people
96707 Chatting
96708 Getting business
96709 Increasing business

5. Do you think social media is the most important thing for a person?

96710 Not at all!
96711 Somewhat
96712 Depends upon work
96713 Yes!

6. How much do you use social media in a day?

96714 Every minute
96715 5-6 times
96716 Just for work
96717 2-3 times

7. "I am an active social media user". On a scale of 1-10, how much do you believe this statement?

96718 10
96719 5
96720 6.5
96721 3

8. How often do you post on social media?

96722 Never
96723 Quite often
96724 As much as i can
96725 Kinda with my mood

9. How do you feel after posting on social media?

96726 Happy
96727 Whimsical
96728 Anxious
96729 Nervous yet excited

10. Define your biggest challenge while posting?

96730 No idea what to post
96731 How will people react?
96732 How to get good engagement on posts?
96733 How do my every post reach my all the followers?

11. What is most important to you on social media?

96735 Good Content
96736 Great support
96737 Just a little bit of happiness

12. Pick your kind of posts?

96738 Educational
96739 Funny
96740 Beauty
96741 Business
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