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Quiz: What Is Your Social Media Personality?

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Social media is the craziest yet the most important platform for every person. Especially among teenagers, social media has always been about some show-off, friends, sharing of your opinions, debating, and educational stuff. There are several personalities on social media that is important to maintain your social life. Have you ever thought what is your kinda personality? Is it really a nice one? Do you need changes with your personality? You might be eager to know What Is Your Social Media Personality? Try out this amazing quiz and get all your answers!!

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1. What is your personality?

96790 Generous
96791 Funny
96792 Smart
96793 Quirky

2. How much active are you on social media?

96794 I am always active
96795 I am not so much active
96796 As much as I can
96797 Somewhat

3. What is your favorite time to use social media?

96798 Everytime
96799 Late Night
96800 Early Morning
96801 Evening

4. What is your favorite genre of social media?

96802 Fashion
96803 Education
96804 Romance
96805 Funny

5. Tell something about your profile picture?

96806 The one that got most likes
96807 Best shot of me
96808 The same when I first set up my account
96809 I ask my friends to pick for me

6. Describe your view of social media?

96810 I try to generate as many likes as i can get
96811 i live and breathe social media
96812 A chance for interaction
96813 I go on for occasional entertainment

7. Choose your kind of posts for social media?

96814 Short Messages
96815 Meme
96816 Something fake
96817 Asking questions

8. According to you, what kind of people are your favorite?

96818 Inquisitive people
96819 People who keep themselves to themselves
96820 Those with most followers
96821 People who get exciting lives

9. Do you like to find new people on social media?

96822 Never
96823 Unlikely
96824 Only if people makes effort
96825 I don't use social media

10. Do you check out the profiles of others?

96826 Always
96827 Quite often
96828 Somewhat
96829 Never

11. Do you use social media for information?

96830 Sometimes
96831 Usually
96832 Quite Often
96833 Always

12. Do you use social media for entertainment?

96834 Always
96835 Somewhat
96836 Quite Often
96837 Not Really
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