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What Is Your IT Personality Quiz

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In this era of technology and techniques, one cannot be confined to a single field or area thus every area is finding its way to explore more and more. Thus IT and technology have various areas where one can expertise themself and build up the best career and personality of theirs without hesitating. The IT personality of a person can be depicted through his area and segment of interest in the IT sector. Everyone's interest may vary from person to person depending on his command or hold over that specific field. Therefore IT personality of a person can be found out through his active participation in the IT department and successful implementation and execution of it.

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1. What sort of roles of IT interests you?

128909 Database Administrator
128910 Cybersecurity Analyst
128911 Developer
128912 Business Administrator

2. What you are expertise at your matches?

128913 HDI certification
128914 Development
128915 Windows 10
128916 System Administration

3. What computer code allows your computer to function?

128917 Windows
128918 Matrix
128919 Linux
128920 Operating System

4. When do you like to invest your time in IT interests?

128921 When free
128922 Daily fixed time
128923 Rarely
128924 Wen it's urgently required

5. Are you from Technical background?

128925 Yes
128926 No
128927 Planning to do
128928 No, but do have knowledge

6. What is your IT skills level?

128929 Beginner
128930 Intermediate
128931 Advanced
128932 Master

7. What is the are you are expertise and interested most?

128933 Development
128934 Testing
128935 Analysis
128936 Networking

8. Are you IT certified?

128937 Yes
128938 No
128939 Pursuing
128940 Not Interested

9. What sort of activities in the IT sector attracts your interest most?

128941 Cyber Security
128942 Hardware
128943 Operating System/Software
128944 Network

10. What soft skills are you perfect at?

128945 Problem Solving
128946 Collaboration
128947 Analysis
128948 Management
Let’s start the quiz

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