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Quiz: What is Your Harry Potter House?

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As we know Harry Potter is the best book series with an awesome fictional story. Harry Potter's fan following is very wide, all age groups like this book & as well like to watch the movie of harry potter series but according to me book series is better to compare with movie series. Let's take this awesome quiz & get some interesting harry potter house results.

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1. You’ve made it to Hogwarts, which means you’ve already bought a wand from Ollivander’s. What material is at its core?

95126 Phoenix Feather
95127 Dragon Heartstring
95128 Unicorn Hair
95129 Empty

2. During the end-of-year exams, you notice that one of your classmates was using an enchanted quill. You come top of the class anyway, but they are second. What do you do?

95130 Tell the professor immediately – cheating is wrong, no matter what.
95131 Nothing, but if I hadn't come top of the class, I'd definitely tell the professor.
95132 Encourage the other student to admit what they'd done to the professor.
95133 Give them a high five for managing to sneak the quill into the exam.

3. You would be most hurt if a person called you...

95134 Weak
95135 Unkind
95136 Ignorant
95137 Boring

4. It's Saturday, you've finished your homework, and you have some free time. You decide to spend some time away from your common room. Where do you go?

95138 The Forbidden Forest
95139 The library
95140 The kitchens
95141 The Room of Requirement

5. The first Quidditch match of the season is approaching, and you can't wait to get involved. What role are you playing?

95142 Seeker. I want the glory!
95143 Chaser. I like to be involved, and work as part of the team.
95144 Beater. I like having all that power.
95145 I'll be in the crowd, making sure supporter morale is high!

6. And finally: We know that the Sorting Hat takes into account your preferences. So which Hogwarts house do you feel you identify with most closely?

95146 Gryffindor
95147 Ravenclaw
95148 Slytherin
95149 Hufflepuff
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