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Quiz: What Is Your 4th of July Style?

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The fourth of July is an important day in every American. It's Independence Day of the United States! It is a federal holiday that everyone has a unique style to celebrate. If you're having a hard time picking up your style here is this quiz to play. It is fun and nearly apt to know what your 4th of July style is. Like, share, live! Let's enjoy the 4th of July style quiz.

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1. Who is your favorite actor?

111374 James Cagney
111375 Tom Cruise
111376 Demi Moore
111377 Will Smith

2. Which Patriotic Movie would you watch to celebrate the 4th of July?

111378 Yankee Doodle Dandy
111379 1776
111380 Forrest Gump
111381 Independence Day

3. What would you wear on the 4th of July?

111382 American flag T-shirt
111383 Bold Sweatsuit
111384 Patchwork denim
111385 Eyelet Skirt

4. The best accessory for your 4th of July style.

111386 Bucket hat & Clear tote
111387 Americana High Top Sneakers
111388 Watermelon Drop earrings
111389 Cool rimless sunglasses

5. The word 'summer' reminds of-

111390 Fun with friends
111391 Sunshine
111392 Beach vacation
111393 Independence Day

6. Color of the day-

111394 Red, Blue, Green, white
111395 Red & Green
111396 Red, blue, & white
111397 Blue & white

7. Style or comfort

111398 Style
111399 Comfort
111400 None
111401 Both

8. Your choice of footwear is-

111402 Sneakers
111403 Flats/Pumps
111404 Stiletto
111405 Wedges

9. This food is honored with a month-long celebration in the U.S.?

111406 Watermelon
111407 Hot Dogs
111408 Ice cream
111409 Apple pie

10. What is your favorite activity on the 4th of July?

111410 BBQ
111411 Host a movie marathon
111412 Fireworks
111413 Have a Champagne picnic
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