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Quiz: Discover Your Hogwarts House on Pottermore

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Questions & Options

1. If your group has a class presentation to make, what will be your role?

69493 Lead from front end from organizing everyone and everything to the end
69494 Doing the research and writing job
69495 Help in everything
69496 I have a group, why should I bother alone

2. Did you ever cheat on tests?

69497 Never
69498 Sometimes
69499 I tried not to cheat but often I ended up cheating
69500 It is just like caring about friends

3. What do want to achieve till the time you die?

69501 Super rich that to serve many generations
69502 Traveled across the world
69503 Become a popular figure among masses and friends
69504 Surrounded by a good family and friends

4. How do you prepare for a do or die exam next week?

69505 I form a study group where I also add my professor who share hints there
69506 I study in the library and revise thoroughly later
69507 I study with the help of a mobile app
69508 I study as per the timetable, starting the day early

5. What would you be doing in free time at Hogwarts?

69509 Reading & writing
69510 Daydreaming
69511 Listening to music
69512 Shopping

6. What is the one thing you save from your burning house?

69513 My favorite music instrument
69514 Food
69515 Family’s Heirloom
69516 Laptop and mobile

7. What is your biggest fear?

69517 Falling from cliff
69518 Failure
69519 Natural calamities
69520 Public speaking

8. You identify with which animal?

69521 Bear
69522 Crocodile
69523 Tiger
69524 Serpent

9. What will you do if you see a nerd being bullied?

69525 Don’t care
69526 Go to them and yell
69527 Show sympathy to the nerd
69528 Walk to reach the nerd

10. What would you do if people talk about you and your friend?

69529 Leave them to whatever they do
69530 Run away and cry
69531 I have better things to do than wasting my time on baseless rumors
69532 Think long on this but don’t tell anybody
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