What Does Your Blood Taste Like Quiz

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You may or may not be a great fan of vampires, but the question that arises in most of our minds is ‘How does our blood taste like?’ Quite a weird question but something that is common and it’s understandable! Hence, we listened to you and are here with our new quiz ‘What does your blood taste like?’ Of course, the quiz probably has some unreal questions but aren’t the question above mentioned is :p. Take our quiz and let us know the taste of your blood :). Hope you enjoy our quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. Choose one body part?

A. Lips

B. Hands

C. Chest

D. Teeth

2. What do your tastebuds love the most?

A. Sweet food

B. Sour food

C. Salty food

D. Spicy food

3. What do you think is the coolest vampire name?

A. Vampire Knight

B. Vampire Pirate

C. Vampire Priest

D. Vampire Wizard

4. Imagine you are a vampire! Out of what you will be drinking blood from?

A. From living being’s neck

B. Wine glass

C. Water bottle

D. Plastic Cup

5. Choose your favorite season?

A. Winter

B. Summer

C. Spring

D. Autumn

6. Imagine you saw a vampire. How will you scare him off?

A. Garlic

B. Sunlight

C. Running water

D. Mirror

7. Which one Animal do you resonate with?

A. Rat

B. Cat

C. Cow

D. Frog

8. Which vampire color is your favorite?

A. Vermillion

B. Cordovan

C. Burgundy

D. Venetian Red

9. When you see your blood. What do you think of doing with it?

A. Try tasting it

B. Avoid looking at it

C. Get it off through the water

D. Ask someone else to get it off

10. What is your personality type?

A. Sweet like sugar

B. Cold as ice

C. Quiet as mouse

D. Sly like fox

11. One word when you think of the term ‘Blood’?

A. Ewwww

B. I love looking at it

C. Neutral reaction

D. Why are we even talking about it

12. What is your favorite drink?

A. Coffee

B. Tea

C. Smoothie

D. Hot Chocolate

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