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Quiz: What Body Type Am I?

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Everyone dream to be hearty and desire a toned body, but, in this fast-paced life, many of them fail to live this dream and turn it into reality. Do I exercise on a regular basis? Am I taking lots of carbs or having a balanced diet? Your body type depends on many factors. Knowing about your body might assist you to stay fit and active. So, don't wait any longer and know your body type by taking this fascinating quiz.

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1. Do you have a normal BMI?

64246 No, I have a higher BMI
64247 Yes, I have a normal BMI
64248 It is at the borderline
64249 It fluctuates

2. Are your shoulders broad?

64250 My shoulders are broader than my buttocks
64251 My shoulders and hips are of the same width
64252 My hips are broader than my shoulders
64253 My shoulders are broader than my hips

3. Do you fit a pair of tight-fitting jeans?

64254 Yes, it fits me exactly
64255 No, it gets me tight
64256 No, it gets a little lose from the waist and thigh area
64257 It exactly fits me from thighs but gets tight at the waist

4. Do your forearms look bumpy?

64258 Yes, it looks
64259 No, it looks skinny
64260 No, it looks absolutely toned
64261 Yes, a little bumpy

5. Does your body tend to gain weight rapidly?

64262 Yes, I easily put extra pounds within a few days
64263 No, my body stays lean, yet toned muscles`
64264 Yes, I think even drinking water increases my weight
64265 Whatever I do my weight remains constant

6. How does your body look like?

64266 Straight allover
64267 A pear-shaped
64268 An hourglass
64269 Lean and skinny

7. Does it get fit when I try to encircle my wrist in my other hand’s thumb and center finger?

64270 Yes, it exactly fits me
64271 No, the finger and thumb do not touch
64272 The finger gets overlapped with thumb
64273 The finger easily touches the thumb

8. Do you have a thyroid issue?

64274 No, I don’t have
64275 Yes, I have and its hyperthyroidism
64276 Yes, I have hypothyroidism
64277 Yes, I have but it’s under control now

9. Do you have trouble losing weight?

64278 Yes, it’s too stubborn to lose it fast
64279 Yes, it takes at least 6 months to lose inches
64280 No, I lose weight easily with a little workout
64281 I always do vigorous workout to lose weight

10. What is your Chest measurement?

64282 More than 42 inches
64283 Within the range of 35-42 inches
64284 Less than 35 inches
64285 35 inches exact
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