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Quiz: What Anime Should I Watch?

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Everyone loves to do something for their entertainment fun and enjoyment. Thus anime is a japanese comic book and video or animated cartoon that tries to entertain all the genertion in all possible way. Nowadays also many people in young generation love to watch it as they consider it best way of their stress buster and it is all time favorite of all the kids.

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1. How many anime do you watch in a day?

53214 Only One
53215 More than one
53216 Few
53217 A lot

2. What sort of genre do you like in anime?

53218 Romance
53219 Horror
53220 Adventure
53221 Comedy

3. Do you stream anime or buy it?

53222 Buy
53223 Stream
53224 Both
53225 None

4. What sort of stuff attracts you more?

53226 Drama
53227 Thril
53228 Action
53229 Mystery

5. What sort of series entertain you more?

53230 Long series
53231 Short series
53232 Medium series
53233 Depends on time

6. Which scenes make your interest maintained?

53234 Fight
53235 Love
53236 Depends on mood
53237 Anything

7. How many of anime's you watch?

53238 3-4
53239 Depends on time
53240 Love to watch it all time
53241 Not much inteested

8. What sort of environment do you think is best to maintain your point of entertainment in anime?

53242 High School
53243 Universe
53244 Village
53245 Any other

9. How you prefer to watch anime?

53246 Alone
53247 With Friends
53248 With one who wnjoy anime
53249 In anyway

10. What you feel which superpower you should be blessed with.....

53250 Dark magic
53251 IQ
53252 Technology
53253 All
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