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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on The fourteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD COP 14)

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The earth has been continuously shrinking due to indiscriminate deforestation and human damage to the environment. The fertile land is turning into a desert. Today the whole world including India is struggling with the problems of desertification. Millions of people are being displaced every year due to desertification. To tackle these problems, the whole world agreed to the United Nations Desertification Prevention Convention (UNCCD). The 14th Conference of the Parties of the UNCCD (COP) was held in India from 2 September to 13 September. The UNCCD is the only international agreement that is legally binding on environment and development issues. 'World Desertification and Drought Prevention Day' is observed in June every year with the aim of raising awareness about international efforts to tackle the challenge of desertification.

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1. When is 'World Desertification and Drought Prevention Day' celebrated every year?

27546 On 17 July
27547 On 13 June
27548 On 27 June
27549 On 17 June

2. Which country will host 14th meeting of COP 14 drought and desertification?

27550 France
27551 China
27552 India
27553 United State

3. What is the theme of UNCCD,(COP14) which held in India 2019?

27554 Let's grow the future together
27555 Let's stop desertification
27556 Let's go the planting
27557 All of above

4. When was Unfccc established?

27558 1996
27559 1994
27560 1993
27561 1992

5. The ___________ is the only state that is not a party to the convention that is eligible to accede to it.

27562 Holy See
27563 Tokyo
27564 Beijing
27565 None of these

6. When was UNCCD comes in effect?

27566 26 December 1994
27567 16 December 1996
27568 26 December 1986
27569 26 December 1996

7. What is the official language of UNCCD?

27570 English
27571 Chinese
27572 Spanish
27573 All of the above

8. The UNCCD has been ratified by 190 states plus the .....

27574 European Union
27575 United State
27576 United Kingdom
27577 None of these

9. When was the first Conference of the Parties (COP 1) held in Rome?

27578 In 1996
27579 In 1994
27580 In 1997
27581 In 1992

10. On 28 March 2013, _________ became the first country to withdraw from the convention.

27582 France
27583 Canada
27584 European Union
27585 United State

11. Where is done, UNCCD (COP 13) in 2017?

27586 China
27587 UAE
27588 Japan
27589 Singapore

12. The Conference of the Parties (COP) oversees the implementation of the ___________.

27590 Combat
27591 Convention
27592 Conclusion
27593 All of above
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