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Microsoft Word Functions Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

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You all must have used desktops and computers for either your personal use or for some office work. When using these electronic gadgets one must have used Microsoft Word. If not used, then you must be at-least aware of Microsoft Word. Making notes, documents, power point presentations and making excel sheets all can be done with the correct and even exact knowledge of Microsoft Word. There are several shortcuts and functions of Microsoft Word that makes it easier for you to work on it and learn some basic methods. Let us now have a look at this trivia quiz and find out how much you can answer about Microsoft Word Functions!

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1. What does F1 + Alt means?

70030 Cut
70031 Paste
70032 Going to the next field
70033 Undo

2. What is the feature of copying the content?

70034 CTRL+G
70035 CTRL+C
70036 CTRL+U
70037 CTRL+S

3. What does CTRL+V means?

70038 Paste
70039 Copy
70040 Cut
70041 Undo

4. What is the shortcut for Undo?

70042 CTRL+T
70043 CTRL+I
70044 CTRL+Z
70045 CTRL+X

5. How can we use cut the wrong para or line in Microsoft Word?

70046 CTRL+X
70047 CTRL+U
70048 CTRL+I
70049 CTRL+C

6. How can you bold the words in a para?

70050 CTRL+I
70051 CTRL+X
70052 CTRL+B
70053 CTRL+U

7. Why do we use CTRL+I as a function of Microsoft?

70054 To paste the content from the website
70055 To underline the words
70056 To close the tab
70057 To make the fond itallic

8. How can you underlie the important part of any para in Microsoft Word?

70058 CTRL+U
70059 CTRL+T
70060 CTRL+B
70061 CTRL+V

9. How can you copy the content ?

70062 CTRL+V
70063 CTRL+H
70064 CTRL+S
70065 CTRL+C

10. How can you quit the Microsoft Window?

70066 F4+Alt+Shift
70067 F4+CTRL
70069 None of the above

11. Which feature do you use for displaying microsoft information?

70071 F1+F5+CTRL
70072 F1+CTRL+ALT
70073 F8+SHIFT

12. How can you copy the selected text by another way?

70074 F1+CTRL
70075 F6+ALT
70076 F1+ALT+CTRL
70077 F2+SHIFT

13. What does F5+SHIFT do?

70078 Moves to the last change
70079 Undo
70080 Copies the selected text
70081 Inserting images

14. How to switch to the previous document window when more than one document window is open?

70082 F6+ALT
70083 F4+CTRL+ALT

15. What does F7+ALT do?

70086 Finds the next misspelling or grammatical error
70087 Finds the correct word
70088 Gives the word count
70089 Clears the mispelled words
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