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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Transformer In Physics Quiz

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A transformer is an electrical machine used to change the voltage of an alternating current that has the same frequency. Which is used to convert the voltage of the alternating current to the same frequency, that is, the transformer with low voltage strong alternating current in high voltage weak current, or high voltage weak current in low voltage strong current Transmits at the same frequency. The transformer is made of a magnetic circuit consisting of two characteristic coils, called primary coils and secondary coils. When the primary coil is connected to the alternating current supply, the alternating flux is formed in the plated core and a reversible force is induced in the secondary coil when this flux is connected to the secondary coil. This action is caused by induction between the two coils. Let's know more about Transformer In Physics.

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1. The transformer is a which type of electrical machine?

64886 Stationary
64887 Alternator
64888 Both of the above
64889 None of these

2. Transformer winding mainly depends on...

64890 Supply voltage
64891 Winding turn
64892 Second winding
64893 All of the above

3. Transformer Oil acts as...

64894 Coolant
64895 Insulater
64896 Lubricant
64897 All of the above

4. Transformer works on which principle?

64898 Fleming's Law
64899 Faraday's Law of Electromagentic induction
64900 Ampere's Law
64901 All of the above

5. Which of the following is a necessary requirement to operate two Transformers in parallel?

64902 Same identical Tap ratings
64903 Same Polarity
64904 Same X/R rating
64905 All of the above

6. In a transformer under which condition efficiency will be higher?

64906 Core Loss = Copper Loss
64907 Core Loss is less than Copper Loss
64908 Core Loss is greater than Copper Loss
64909 None of these

7. Which of the following are the types of transformer windings?

64910 Multi- Layer Helical Windings
64911 Cross- Over Windings
64912 Disc and Continuous Disk Windings
64913 All of the above

8. How many cores are there in electrical transformer?

64914 Two
64915 Four
64916 Six
64917 Eight

9. Which of the following are the losses in the transformer?

64918 Iron losses
64919 Copper losses
64920 Hysteresis losses
64921 All of the above

10. Which of the following is the meaning of PRV in transformer?

64922 Pressure Relief Valve
64923 Power Relief Valve
64924 Pressure Relief Value
64925 None of these
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