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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Sound

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Sound is a longitudinal wave, which required a medium to travel. Sound is the vibration which moves parallel to the direction of the wave and the absolute intensity of sound is expressed in watts per meter. The SI unit of sound and loudness is decibels. There is a relative motion between a sound source and a listener, the listener may hear the frequency of the sound differently from its actual frequency, this is called the "Doppler effect". Let's test yourself with a Sound trivia quiz.

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1. Sound waves travel faster in ...

15229 Water
15230 Air at room temperature
15231 Space
15232 Steel

2. What type of waves are Sound waves?

15233 Latitudinal waves
15234 Longitudinal waves
15235 Both of them
15236 None of them

3. Which one is not the application of Ultrasonic waves?

15237 For measuring the depth of Sea
15238 In sterilizing of a liquid
15239 In Ultrasonography
15240 In sterilizing a needle

4. What is the speed of sound in air?

15241 330 m/s
15242 332 m/s
15243 334 m/s
15244 336 m/s

5. Name the characteristic of the sound which distinguishes a sharp sound from a grave or dull sound.

15245 Intensity
15246 Echo
15247 Pitch
15248 Resonance

6. Due to which phenomena sound is heard at longer distances in nights than in day?

15249 Reflection
15250 Refraction
15251 Interference of sound
15252 Diffraction of sound

7. What is the unit of loudness?

15253 Bel
15254 Phon
15255 Decibel
15256 All of the above

8. Sound waves of more than 20,000 waves per second are called...

15257 Ultrasonic
15258 Subsonic
15259 Supersonic
15260 Audible

9. Which part of human ear converts sound vibrations into electrical signals?

15261 Hammer
15262 Stirrup
15263 Tympanic membrane
15264 Cochlea

10. The reverberation of sound is used in ...

15265 Stethoscope
15266 Trumpets
15267 Megaphone
15268 All of these
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