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Can You Pass This Quiz On Pusarla Venkata Sindhu

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PV Sindhu incarnated on 5 July 1995 at the home of 'PV Raman', a former volleyball player from Hyderabad city. Sindhu started playing badminton at the age of 8, influenced by "Gopichand", Sindhu learned the basics of badminton under the guidance of 'Mehboob Ali', and started her international career by winning a Bronze Medal in 'Junior Asian Badminton' held in Colombo in 2009. Then the Government of India awarded him the "Arjuna Award" in 2013, considering his contribution to the sport.

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1. When was the Padma Shri Award given to PV Sindhu by the Government of India?

22722 2013
22723 2012
22724 2016
22725 2017

2. Which medal did PV Sindhu capture in the Asian Junior Badminton Champions 2012?

22726 Gold
22727 Bronze
22728 Silver
22729 None of these

3. How many gold medals have been won by PV Sindhu in BWF world Championship?

22730 2 gold medal
22731 1 gold medal
22732 8 gold medal
22733 3 gold medal

4. In which year PV Sindhu won the gold medal in BWF World Championship?

22734 2009
22735 2016
22736 2013
22737 2019

5. Where was the 2019 BWF World Championship game held?

22738 India
22739 Switzerland
22740 Japan
22741 South Korea

6. What is the mother's name of PV Sindhu?

22742 D. Vijaya
22743 P. Vijaya
22744 V. Vijaya
22745 B. Vijaya

7. How old did PV Sindhu play his first international tournament?

22746 21 Year
22747 23 Year
22748 16 Year
22749 25 Year

8. What is the coach name of PV Sindhu?

22750 Aparna Popat
22751 Syed Modi
22752 Pullela Gopichand
22753 Parupalli

9. Badminton in India is managed by ......

22754 FCC of India
22755 B.A of India
22756 BCC of India
22757 None of above

10. What is the BWF Indian Top 10 Women's Singles Ranking?

22758 2 nd
22759 3 rd
22760 1 st
22761 4 th
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