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Trivia Quiz On Genetically Modified (GM) Crops

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Through genetic engineering, a new crop species is developed by inserting the genes of any organism or plant into other plants.GM crops are those crops whose genes are transformed scientifically. This seed provides far more productivity than ordinaries will remove many problems in the agricultural sector and will improve the level of crop production.GM crops are anti-drought and anti-flood and are also resistant to pests. It is considered harmful for health, environment, and biodiversity.y seeds.

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1. What is the only used GM crop in India?

16765 Wheat
16766 Oats
16767 BT Cotton
16768 All of above

2. Which GM crops are disputed in India?

16769 GM Cotton, BT Brinjal
16770 GM Wheat, BT Brinjal
16771 GM Carrot, BT Brinjal
16772 GM Mustard, BT Brinjal

3. The first plant that was modified by genetic engineering was produced in a laboratory in....

16773 1954
16774 1964
16775 1974
16776 1984

4. How long does it take to develop a new genetically modified (GM)crop?

16777 Twenty years
16778 Ten years
16779 Five years
16780 One year

5. Which ingredient is one of the most commonly engineered in processed foods?

16781 Wheat flour
16782 Gluten
16783 Vegetable oil
16784 Unevaporated cane sugar

6. There are companies that support your right to choose Non-GMO products. Pick one from the choices below.

16785 Kraft
16786 Pepsi Cola
16787 Eden
16788 General mills

7. Which is the only commercialized GM fruit?

16789 Bananas
16790 Apples
16791 Plums
16792 Papaya

8. The food we eat, how much percentage of genetic material DNA it contains?

16793 20 percent
16794 50 percent
16795 80 percent
16796 Nearly 100 percent

9. In which country, the most GMO crops are grown?

16797 China
16798 Brazil
16799 Argentina
16800 United States

10. Which flower leant a gene to rice to synthesize the production of beta carotene in "golden rice"?

16801 Tulip
16802 Daffodil
16803 Rose
16804 Sunflower
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