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Quiz: How Much You Know About Group of Twenty G20?

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After the financial crisis of 1997, it was decided that the major economies of the world should converge on one platform. The G20 group was formed in 1999 under the leadership of the foreign ministers of 7 countries-America, Canada, Britain, Germany, Japan, France, and Italy. The purpose of the G-20 was to manage global finance. The staff of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank are permanent and have headquarters, while the G20 has neither permanent staff nor headquarters, it is a This is just a forum.

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1. Where was the first summit of G20 held?

23718 France
23719 USA
23720 Britain
23721 Canada

2. This forum includes 19 countries including India and ________.

23722 United State
23723 The African Union
23724 The European Union
23725 All of above

3. The Inclusiveness, Indigenisation, Innovation, Investment in infrastructure, International cooperation is known as....

23726 5-L' vision
23727 5-n' vision
23728 5-I' vision
23729 5-II' vision

4. Which of the following is not a member of the G20?

23730 Turkey
23731 Mexico
23732 Indonesia
23733 Singapore

5. The idea of ​​seamless data flow was disseminated and this idea is contrary to the idea of ​​India is.....

23734 Data-localization
23735 Information localisation
23736 Postal localisation
23737 None of these

6. Which of the following city is organizing the recent G20 summit held on June 2019?

23738 Hamburg
23739 Brisbane
23740 Osaka
23741 Antalya

7. What is the theme of the G20 summit held in Germany on June 2019?

23742 Human-Centered Future Society
23743 Shaping an Interconnected World
23744 Fighting poverty with rigidity
23745 Making the world together

8. Till date how many summits of G20 has been held?

23746 8
23747 3
23748 11
23749 14

9. When will India host the G-20 Summit?

23750 2021
23751 2020
23752 2022
23753 None of the above

10. Who is the CEO of the World Bank?

23754 Kristalina Georgieva
23755 Donald Tusk
23756 Donald Trump
23757 Jean-Claude Juncker
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