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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Elvis Presley American Singer! How Much You Know About Elvis Presley American Singer?

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Elvis Aaron Presley, also known professionally and personally as Elvis Presley was a much known face of the Hollywood of his time. He was considered to be heartthrob of about millions of people. He was a very famous and a very talented American singer. Not just a singer, he was also a very fine actor of his time. His fans are gathered all around the world who still miss him and his commendable achievements and characters played by him. Let us now have a look at the amazing trivia quiz and see how much you know about the amazing personality, Elvis Persley.

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1. What is the birthdate of Elvis Persley?

34079 18 September 1937
34080 6 February 1936
34081 8 January 1935
34082 1 July 1934

2. What is the height of Elvis Persley?

34083 1.7 meters
34084 1.68 meters
34085 1.56 meters
34086 1.59 meters

3. When did Elvis Persley die?

34087 21 December 1977
34088 16 August 1977
34089 13 March 1989
34090 24 August 1978

4. How did Elvis Persley die?

34091 Cancer
34092 Murder
34093 Accident
34094 Heart Attack

5. What was the favorite thing to do for Elvis Presley?

34095 Reading
34096 Writing
34097 Travelling
34098 Dancing

6. What was the favorite color of Elvis Presley?

34099 Red
34100 Black
34101 Deep Blue
34102 Lime

7. What was Elvis Presley's age when he bought his first guitar?

34103 19
34104 21
34105 11
34106 10

8. What is the nickname of Elvis Presley?

34107 Freassy
34108 Little Cutie
34109 Harry
34110 Little Elvis

9. What was the shoe size of Elvis Presley?

34111 12
34112 11
34113 10
34114 09

10. What was the name of Elvis Presley's biggest hit?

34115 Reading Fine
34116 Just Gettin Low
34117 Friends For Life
34118 Heartbreak Hotel

11. How many songs did Elvis Presley recorded?

34119 456
34120 765
34121 389
34122 600

12. What was the favorite food of Elvis Presley?

34123 Continental
34124 Italian
34125 Chinese
34126 Spanish

13. What is the name of daughter of Elvis Presley?

34127 Lisa Marie Presley
34128 Emilia Presley
34129 Catherine Marie Presley
34130 Lemica Presley

14. What was the age of Elvis Presley when he died?

34131 47
34132 42
34133 37
34134 32

15. What is the name of twin of Elvis Presley?

34135 Jesse Garon
34136 Liasy Gravo
34137 Menniac Brases
34138 Kayne West
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