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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Circle in Geometry

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1. A tangent to a circle intersects it in one....

77952 Two
77953 One
77954 Three
77955 Four

2. How many tangents can a circle have?

77956 Maximum
77957 Few
77958 Infinitely many
77959 Minimum

3. A line intersecting a circle in two-point is called a .....

77960 Tangents
77961 Circle
77962 Chord
77963 Secant

4. A circle can have parallel tangents at the most ....

77964 One
77965 Two
77966 Three
77967 Four

5. The common point of a tangent to a circle and the circle is called ....

77968 Point of contact
77969 Point of line
77970 Point of line segment
77971 Chord

6. A tangent PQ at a point P of a circle of radius 5cm meets a line through the center O at a point Q so that OQ=12cm. length PQ is....

77972 12cm in under root
77973 13cm in under root
77974 8.5cm in under root
77975 119cm in under root

7. The length of the segment of the tangent from the external point P and the point of contact with the circle is called the ...

77976 Length of the chord
77977 Length of the tangent
77978 Circle
77979 Chord

8. From a point Q, the length of the tangent to a circle is 24cm and the distance of Q from the centre is 25cm. The radius of the circle is....

77980 7cm
77981 12cm
77982 15cm
77983 24.5cm

9. If TP and TQ are the two tangents to a circle with center O so that POQ=110 then PTQ is equal to ....

77984 60
77985 70
77986 80
77987 90

10. If tangents PA and PB from a point P to a circle with center O are inclined to each other at an angle of 80, then POA is equal to ....

77988 50
77989 60
77990 70
77991 80
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