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Ultimate Trivia Quiz About Berlin Wall! How Much You Know About The Berlin Wall?

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The 'Berlin Wall' was demolished in Nov 1989. This development not only served to unite the people of divided Germany but also symbolized opposition to the 'Iron Curtain' that separated the Eastern Bloc from Western Europe during the Cold War. the Berlin Wall was built in the year following World War II and divided Berlin into two parts, both physically and ideologically. After Germany's defeat in World War II, the Allies-the United States, the UK, France, and the Soviet Union took control of Germany's territorial borders and were divided into four regions managed by each Allied power. Due to a large number of people jumping across the wall and started crossing it, the atmosphere changed completely. The Berlin Wall fell that day. Let's take an awesome trivia quiz about Berlin Wall.

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1. When East and West Germany came together to form a unified Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall?

41339 01 Oct 1990
41340 02 Oct 1990
41341 03 Oct 1990
41342 06 Oct 1990

2. When did the Maastricht Treaty, which led to the formation of the European Union?

41343 Year 1989
41344 Year 1992
41345 Year 1972
41346 Year 1982

3. The Marshall Plan was related to _________ by the US for the reconstruction of Western Europe after World War II.

41347 Financial aid
41348 Military aid
41349 Politically aid
41350 All of above

4. The Berlin Wall was demolished in...

41351 9 November 1989
41352 8 November 1989
41353 7 November 1989
41354 None of these

5. The Berlin Wall was built in the__________ year after World War II.

41355 In 1961
41356 In 1981
41357 In 1991
41358 In 1996

6. Berlin is the capital of which European country?

41359 Denmark
41360 Germany
41361 France
41362 United Kingdom

7. Which country had control over the government of East Germany?

41363 China
41364 Poland
41365 Soviet Union
41366 None of these

8. Which type of gov was it that people were trying to escape from?

41367 Democratic
41368 Monarchy
41369 Communist
41370 All of above

9. What is the length Berlin Wall?

41371 More than 140 kilometres
41372 More than 340 kilometres
41373 More than 540 kilometres
41374 More than 240 kilometres

10. What is the number of people who died crossing the Berlin Wall?

41375 79 people
41376 80 people
41377 89 people
41378 90 people

11. Name the person who tore down the Berlin Wall?

41379 Boris Yeltsin
41380 Mikhail Gorbachev
41381 Nikita Khrushchev
41382 Ronald Reagan

12. What is the number of bankers in the Berlin Wall?

41383 50 bankers
41384 20 bankers
41385 30 bankers
41386 40 bankers
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