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Types Of Government Quiz: How Much You Know About Types Of Government?

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1. The parliamentary system is a combination of which of the following?

140891 Legislature and judiciary
140892 Judiciary and Executive
140893 Legislature and Executive
140894 All of the above-mentioned

2. How does the legislature change in the parliamentary rule?

140895 As executive
140896 As legislature
140897 As parliament
140898 As judiciary

3. Who has used the words 'Her Majesty's Government and Her Majesty's Opposition' for Britain's parliamentary system?

140899 Ramjemour
140900 Hobhouse
140901 Crossman
140902 Bryce

4. Who said that along with the nagging side in Britain, the opposition side is also elected?

140903 Crossman
140904 Janigues
140905 Hobhouse
140906 Laski

5. The presidency is a system of governance where the executive is independent of the legislature in its duration, powers, and functions. Whose statement is this?

140907 Garner
140908 Bryce
140909 Jennings
140910 Hobhouse

6. Who has said, "the cabinet system is called the rule of novices"?

140911 Doctor bless
140912 Stitched
140913 Ambedkar
140914 Laski

7. Removal of President by the Administrator under President's rule ----------- possible only by.

140915 Never possible
140916 Possible only by impeachment
140917 Dependent on the will of the administrator
140918 All of the above-mentioned

8. Which country is the 'Zero Hour' parliamentary system?

140919 Canada
140920 India
140921 America
140922 All of the above

9. Art and culture progress is possible only in a democracy is the statement of:

140923 Abraham Lincoln
140924 Leckey
140925 Alvin Toffler
140926 Levellers

10. The exercise of supreme legislative power by a central power is the unitary government. Whose definition is it?

140927 Dicey
140928 Garner
140929 Willoughby
140930 Finer

11. Democracy is the oligarchy of the wicked. Who said this statement?

140931 Ludovici
140932 Lincoln
140933 Garner
140934 Telerand

12. Democracy is called 'Democracy' in English. The word 'Democracy' has its origin in which language words 'Demo' and 'Cratea', which means the power of the people?

140935 Latin
140936 Greek
140937 Persian
140938 French
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