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Ultimate Trivia Quiz About Vitamins

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In 1912 C Funk coined the term vitamin. Vitamin is necessary for every human being but it requires in small quantity. It does not provide any energy but it controls the metabolism and body functioning. There are different kinds of vitamins and their sources are also different. There are two types of vitamin ones that are water-soluble and another one is fat-soluble. The vitamin keeps our teeth, gum, bone, and eye health and protects our body against disease. Test your knowledge about Vitamins.

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1. Which one is fat-soluble vitamin?

10352 Vitamin-M
10353 Vitamin-B
10354 Vitamin-C
10355 Vitamin-K

2. Which one is water-soluble vitamin?

10356 Vitamin- A
10357 Vitamin- K
10358 Vitamin- B
10359 Vitamin- D

3. What is the other name of Vitamin -A?

10360 Thiamine
10361 Retinol
10362 Niacin
10363 Riboflavin

4. Which disease is caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin-C?

10364 Beri-Beri
10365 Cheilosis
10366 Scurvy
10367 Nightblindness

5. Name the disease caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin-D.

10368 Rickets
10369 Scurvy
10370 Beri-beri
10371 Anaemia

6. What is the function of Cyanocobalamin?

10372 Nucleic acid metabolism
10373 Promote DNA synthesis
10374 Carbohydrate metabolism
10375 Formation of collagen

7. What is the common source of Vitamin- A?

10376 Citrus Fruit
10377 Wheat
10378 Meat
10379 Milk

8. What is the other name of Vitamin -D?

10380 Calciferol
10381 Retinol
10382 Thiamine
10383 Folic Acid

9. Which vitamin is responsible for maturation of RBCs?

10384 Vitamin-B12
10385 Vitamin-B2
10386 Vitamin-B7
10387 VItamin-B6

10. What is the deficiency symptom of Cheilosis?

10388 Weakness of limbs
10389 No vision in dim light
10390 Fissures in skin
10391 Swollen lips
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