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Evolution Quiz: How Much You Know About Evolution?

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1. In evolutionary terms, we have more in common with:

185703 A Chinese school boy
185704 A chimpanzee
185705 A spider
185706 A bacterium

2. The human species has genetic roots in...

185707 America
185708 Africa
185709 Australia
185710 Antarctica

3. Which of the following gas was not present in the early earth atmosphere?

185711 Ammonia
185712 Oxygen
185713 Hydrogen sulphide
185714 Methane

4. A gradual change, over a long period, in a form of life is known as...

185715 Erosion
185716 Evolution
185717 Revolution
185718 Evaluation

5. Scientists believed that all life originated in:

185719 The sea
185720 The soil
185721 The ground
185722 The air

6. The theory of evolution of species by natural selection was given by:

185723 Mendel
185724 Darwin
185725 Dalton
185726 Lamarck

7. The term ‘father of genetics’ is used for the scientist:

185727 Morgan
185728 Mendel
185729 Darwin
185730 Marie curie

8. Which of the following statement is incorrect with respect to variation?

185731 All variations in a species have equal chance of survival
185732 Change in genetic composition results in variations
185733 Selection of variation by environmental factors forms the basis of evolutionary
185734 Variations are minimum in asexual reproduction

9. One of the following traits of the parents cannot be passed on to future generations. This trait is:

185735 Cleft chin
185736 Pointed chin
185737 Screed chin
185738 Broad chin

10. The presence of which of the following types of organs in two animals indicates that they are not derived from a common ancestor?

185739 Homologous organs
185740 Excretory organs
185741 Analogous organs
185742 Reproductive organs

11. The fossil trilobite was originally...

185743 An arthropod
185744 An invertebrate
185745 A reptile
185746 An ave

12. The wings of a housefly and the wings of a sparrow are an example of...

185747 Analogous organs
185748 Vestigial organs
185749 Respiratory organs
185750 Homologous organs
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