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Trivia Quiz On Photon In Physics

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The fundamental particle of photon radiation is spoken whose mass is zero. Photons, like all fundamental particles, show wave-particle contours, that is, they have the tendency of both wave and particle. The modern form of photons was given by "Albert Einstein" by his experiments which could not describe the waveform of light. In the Standard Model of particle physics, photons and other elementary particles are described as a necessary consequence of physical laws having a certain symmetry at every point in space-time. The intrinsic properties of particles, such as charge, mass, and spin, are determined by this gauge symmetry. The photon concept has led to momentous advances in experimental and theoretical physics, including lasers, Bose-Einstein condensation, quantum field theory, and the probabilistic interpretation of quantum mechanics. Let's know more about Photon In Physics.

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1. Which of the following are the Physical properties of Photon?

64406 A photon is massless
64407 Has no electric charge
64408 It is a stable particle
64409 All of the above

2. In a vacuum, a photon has--------------Possible polarization states.

64410 One
64411 Two
64412 Three
64413 Four

3. A photon is described by its ------------.

64414 Its wave vector
64415 Stable particle
64416 Spin quantum number
64417 All of the above

4. The energy and momentum of a photon depend only on which?

64418 Frequency
64419 Wavelength
64420 Both of the above
64421 All of the above

5. The magnitude of its spin is -----------------and the component measured along its direction of motion.

64422 √2ħ
64423 √3ħ
64424 √4ħ
64425 √5ħ

6. Which smaller particles NOT make up photons?

64426 Electrons
64427 Quarks
64428 Protons
64429 All of the above

7. Photons are bundles of which kind of energy?

64430 Geothermal
64431 Hydropower
64432 Electromagnetic
64433 All of the above

8. Which among the following scientist first developed the concept of the photon?

64434 Albert Einstein
64435 Nikola Tesla
64436 Max Planck
64437 None of these

9. Which of the following particles make up light?

64438 Photons
64439 Neutrons
64440 Electrons
64441 All of the above

10. When was Einstein given photon theory?

64442 March 1902
64443 March 1904
64444 March 1905
64445 March 1908
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