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Trivia Quiz On Electric Motor In Physics

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An Electric Motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, as you have always seen that we supply electrical energy to the motor and we get rotating energy that we are mechanical energy. Power is an ideal staple driver in the motor industries. Most machines are driven by electric motors. The main reason for this is that the efficiency of electric motors is higher than other drivers. Also, his performance is often better than them. The electric motor is also ideal from the point of view of enforcement and control. Driving, or stopping the motor, and changing the speed can be done more easily than other drivers. It can also have a remote control. Electric motors have become so popular due to the ease of control. Let's know more about Electric Motor In Physics.

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1. Which is it called when physical movement is used to create electrical energy?

64446 Electromagnetic induction
64447 Electromagnetic division
64448 Electromagnetic intuition
64449 None of these

2. Which of the following is the inventer of the simple electric motor?

64450 James Clerk Maxwell
64451 Thomas Edison
64452 Michael Faraday
64453 None of these

3. Which is called when physical movement is used to create electrical energy?

64454 Electromagnetic persuasion
64455 Electromagnetic induction
64456 Electromagnetic division
64457 All of the above

4. Which scientist is credited with discovering that a magnetic field was produced by the flow of electric current?

64458 Michael Faraday
64459 Nikola Tesla
64460 Thomas Edison
64461 Hans Orsted

5. The first electric motors were simple electrostatic devices by which experiments were described?

64462 Scottish monk
64463 Andrew Gordon
64464 Benjamin Franklin
64465 All of the above

6. When was the first commutator DC electric motor capable of turning machinery was invented?

64466 In 1830
64467 In 1831
64468 In 1832
64469 In 1835

7. Phase Induction Motor will have --------------- Starting Torque.

64470 Low
64471 High
64472 Equal
64473 None of these

8. Which of the following method be used for the starting of 3-Phase Squirrel Induction Motor?

64474 Rotor Resistance Starting
64475 Auto-transformer Starter
64476 DOL Starter
64477 Star-Delta Starting

9. Does crawling occur in Induction Motor due to which of the following?

64478 Improper Design
64479 Low supply voltage
64480 Harmonics developed
64481 All of the above

10. What happens when an induction motor runs at synchronous speed?

64482 Stops
64483 Delivers Real Power
64484 Burn
64485 All of the above
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