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The Maze Runner Character Quiz: Which The Maze Runner Character Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. Are you a born leader?

156887 Yes, I am
156888 Not at all
156889 Maybe
156890 Haven’t thought about it

2. Do you crave power?

156891 Sometimes
156892 Most of the times
156893 Never
156894 I don’t like to lead

3. Do you talk a lot?

156895 Depends on who is with me
156896 Not at all
156897 Yes, I love to talk
156898 I don’t keep a track

4. Do people find you annoying?

156899 People love me
156900 Not at all
156901 Yes, sometimes
156902 They don’t hang out with me anymore

5. Would you betray someone’s trust for 1 million bucks?

156903 Not worth doing
156904 It’s a lot of money
156905 I will think about it
156906 I will someone for that money

6. If someone humiliates you will you take revenge right away or will you wait for the right opportunity?

156907 Right away
156908 Wait for the right opportunity
156909 Depends on the rival
156910 I will Ignore and move on

7. Do you think you are capable of leading a team for some project?

156911 I am shy
156912 Not at all
156913 Yeah, why not
156914 I love to lead

8. How comfortable are you socially?

156915 I am awkward
156916 I am anxious
156917 I am confident
156918 I don’t like people

9. Can you remember your parent’s phone number?

156919 Not at all
156920 I can save it on my phone
156921 I can tell 5 other people’s number
156922 Maybe

10. Which statement about you will your friends agree to?

156923 Clever as a wolf
156924 Brave as a tiger
156925 Strong as an elephant
156926 Innocent as a dog
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