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Test Your Knowledge About Sustainable Development Goals-SDG Trivia Quiz

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NITI Aayog has expressed concern in its Sustainable Development Goals India Index report that if states do not make significant progress, India will lag behind in achieving sustainable development targets in due time. NITI Aayog has started working closely with the backward states to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, enabling them to set up SDG monitoring systems as well as NITI Aayog to partner in building, capacity, knowledge and convergence of institutions Is also supporting them. The states of the North East performed poorly in achieving sustainable development goals. Let's take an awesome trivia quiz about Sustainable Development Goals-SDG.

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1. Based on the score, what is said when the SDG India index score is equal to 100?

51794 Front Runner
51795 Achiever
51796 Both of the above
51797 None of these

2. With whom is the comprehensive capacity building program being made by the United Nations system?

51798 States
51799 Union territories
51800 Local governments
51801 All of the above

3. In which field is there still more women participation?

51802 Agricultural sector
51803 Textile sector
51804 Coal mines sector
51805 Business sector

4. Currently, how much % participation is there in women's manpower?

51806 7.50%
51807 17.5%
51808 27.50%
51809 37.50%

5. There are still many problems in the field of achieving gender equality, which are?

51810 Decreased participation of women in manpower
51811 Gender gaps even in the case of salary in the country
51812 Lack of data related to gender equality in various fields
51813 All of the above

6. How much % is the difference between the salaries of men and the salary of women in different areas?

51814 10-15%
51815 25-75%
51816 50-75%
51817 50-60%

7. What is a government think tank called?

51818 NITI Aayog
51819 Sustainable Development Goals
51820 Ministry of Education
51821 Ministry of law affairs

8. According to the SDG report, there has been an ______________ in crimes against women.

51822 Decreasing
51823 Increase
51824 Constant
51825 All of the above

9. On the basis of score , what is said when SDG India Index score is less than 100 but greater than or equal to 65?

51826 Aspirant
51827 Performer
51828 Front Runner
51829 None of these

10. In SDG index Kerala tops the list followed by...

51830 Himachal
51831 Tamil Nadu
51832 Andhra Pradesh
51833 All of the above

11. Which is the first place in the list of union territories?

51834 Chandigarh
51835 Ladakh
51836 Puducherry
51837 Jammu and Kashmir

12. NITI Aayog’s Index 2019-20 covers _____________ Sustainable Development Goals.

51838 10 SDG Goals
51839 14 SDG Goals
51840 16 SDG Goals
51841 18 SDG Goals
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