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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Haley Anderson an American Swimmer

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Anderson, who lives in Granite Bay, California, has a family of swimming. Mom, Colette, swam for the University of Hawaii, younger sister, Jordan, swam for the University of Utah, and older sister, Alyssa, swam for the University. Anderson was selected for the United States 2009 Junior Pan Pacific Championship team. Anderson qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games in the 10K Open Water Race at the Fina Olympic Marathon Swim Qualifiers in Setubal, Portugal. She also competed in the 2012 US Olympic Trials, with 800 free and 400 IM swimming. Let's know more about Haley Anderson an American Swimmer.

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1. When was she born in the United State?

61742 10 November 1991
61743 20 November 1991
61744 30 November 1991
61745 20 November 1999

2. Which types of strokes Haley Anderson play?

61746 Freestyle
61747 Backstroke
61748 Sidestroke
61749 Butterfly stroke

3. Which Collage team Haley Anderson belongs to?

61750 University of Southern California
61751 Pepperdine University
61752 Stanford University
61753 None of these

4. At the 2009 Junior Pan Pacific Championships, Anderson placed ---------------- in the 800-meter and 1,500-meter freestyle events.

61754 1st place
61755 2nd place
61756 3rd place
61757 4th place

5. At which year USA Nationals and World Championship Trials, Anderson get second in the 800-meter freestyle?

61758 At the 2007 USA Nationals and World Championship Trials
61759 At the 2009 USA Nationals and World Championship Trials
61760 At the 2012 USA Nationals and World Championship Trials
61761 At the 2015 USA Nationals and World Championship Trials

6. When was Anderson first qualified for the Summer Olympics?

61762 2010 Summer Olympics
61763 2012 Summer Olympics
61764 2014 Summer Olympics
61765 2018 Summer Olympics

7. At the 15th FINA World Championships in Barcelona in which year, Anderson won the gold medal in the 5-kilometer open water competition?

61766 In 2012
61767 In 2013
61768 In 2014
61769 In 2015

8. Which Club Haley Anderson belongs to?

61770 California Capital Aquatics
61771 Wolverine Aquatics Club
61772 Sierra Marlins Swim Team
61773 All of the above

9. At the AT&T Winter Nationals located in Federal Way, WA, Anderson won what in both the women's 800-meter freestyle?

61774 1
61775 3
61776 4
61777 9

10. Which is the full name of Haley Anderson?

61778 Haley Danita Anderson
61779 Haley Dora Anderson
61780 Haley Domineer Anderson
61781 None of tese
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