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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Columbus Day!

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Christopher Columbus discovered America on the same day as 12 October 1942. Every year this day is celebrated as Columbus Day, with a view to remembering his discovery. This day is largely disputed because the discovery of America led to the beginning of colonialism in Europe and the culture, history, and identity of Native Americans were also erased. Even the discovery of Columbus is responsible for his large number of deaths. A memorial has been erected in Barcelona, ??Spain in memory of Christopher Columbus. The celebrations of Columbus Day began in 1907 in Colorado. Since 1937, this day has been declared a holiday in America. Many Italian-Americans observe Columbus Day as a celebration of their heritage, and the first such celebration was held in New York City on 12 October 1866. These days is annually celebrated in October month on the second Monday. Take this awesome quiz about Columbus Day.

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1. In which country was Christopher Columbus embodied?

36199 Portugal
36200 France
36201 Italy
36202 Spain

2. When was Christopher Columbus born?

36203 In 1340
36204 In 1392
36205 In 1451
36206 In 1441

3. The explorer Christopher Columbus made, how many trips across the Atlantic Ocean from Spain?

36207 10 trips
36208 06 trips
36209 04 trips
36210 11 trips

4. Why was Christopher Columbus most known for?

36211 First to circumnavigate the globe
36212 First to the top of Mount Everest
36213 Starting the European exploration of America
36214 All of above

5. Which country is discovered by Columbus?

36215 Bahamas
36216 Hispaniola
36217 South American
36218 All of above

6. What continent did Columbus think he had reached when he visited the Americas?

36219 Australia
36220 Antarctica
36221 Asia
36222 All of above

7. The three ships on Columbus' first voyage were the Nina, the Pinta, and the ________________.

36223 Isabella
36224 Columbus
36225 Santa Maria
36226 None of these

8. How many expeditions did Columbus make to the Americas?

36227 One expedition
36228 Three expedition
36229 Four expedition
36230 Two expedition

9. What was the first land that Columbus' and his crew saw in the New World?

36231 The island of San Salvador
36232 The island of Cuba
36233 Massachusetts
36234 Florida

10. What animal did Columbus introduce to the New World?

36235 Alligators
36236 Bears
36237 Dogs
36238 Horses

11. Columbus wanted to find a new route to......

36239 India
36240 China
36241 Spice Islands
36242 All of above

12. Where did Christopher Columbus die?

36243 Florida, America
36244 Valladolid, Spain
36245 Tokyo, Japan
36246 None of these
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