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Solar Eclipse Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

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1. What happens when the Earth, Sun, and Moon are in a straight line?

50874 Annular Solar Eclipse
50875 Total Solar Eclipse
50876 Annular Moon Eclipse
50877 Total Moon Eclipse

2. When the Moon is away from the Earth and its size appears small, Which eclipse position is formed?

50878 Total Moon Eclipse
50879 Total Solar Eclipse
50880 Annular Solar Eclipse
50881 None of these

3. Does annular Solar Eclipse look like?

50882 Ring of Fire
50883 Golden Ring
50884 Blooding Son
50885 Red Ring

4. When was Annular Solar Eclipse formed?

50886 Amavasya
50887 Moon position at Lunar Nod
50888 Moon is located at a Apogee from- Earth
50889 All of the above

5. Which one is the shadows of the Moon on Earth in the event of the solar eclipse?

50890 Umbra
50891 Penumbra
50892 Both of the above
50893 None of these

6. A _________ solar eclipse is an ideal condition for studying the outer layer of the solar corona.

50894 Total Moon Eclipse
50895 Total Solar Eclipse
50896 Annular Solar Eclipse
50897 All of the above

7. Seeing a solar eclipse without any equipment in the eyes can cause blindness or irritation in the retina, which is called...

50898 Colour Blindness
50899 Solar Retinopathy
50900 Black Cataract
50901 White Cataract

8. What is it called the shadow reaches Earth, it gets bigger and a person standing in this area sees a partial solar eclipse?

50902 Umbra
50903 Total Moon Eclipse
50904 Total Solar Eclipse
50905 Penumbra

9. An annular solar eclipse occurred on ______________, 2019.

50906 26 December
50907 25 December
50908 26 November
50909 25 November

10. The Annular solar eclipse occurred in 2019 eclipse was visible from the which cities.

50910 Hofuf, Saudi Arabia
50911 Mangaluru, Karnataka, India
50912 Kasaragod, Kerala, India
50913 All of the above

11. What time was the annual solar eclipse view as Greatest eclipse in 2019 according to Indian time?

50914 5:16:53
50915 5:17:53
50916 5:18:53
50917 5:19:53

12. The solar eclipse in August 1868 it's named after the Greek word for the Sun is...

50918 Helios
50919 Metrios
50920 Both of the above
50921 None of these
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