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Soil Trivia Quiz! Test Your Knowledge About Soil Earth Science Quiz

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Soil is the topmost layer, 4/5 area of land and it is composed of 45% of minerals and inorganic contents, 50% air and water and 5% organic matter. The formation of soil involves humification, eluviation, and illuviation. The transported soil is brought from other places gravity. Minerals of the soil come by weathering of rocks. There is soil on the basis of soil texture like clay, silt, sand, loamy, etc. So take this quiz and know more about soil.

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1. Which of the following has the high water holding capacity?

45818 Sand
45819 Silt
45820 Clay
45821 Loamy

2. What is the size of the particles of clay?

45822 Less than 2nm
45823 Less than 0.2nm
45824 Less than 0.02nm
45825 Lesson than 0.002nm

3. Which one of the following less water holding capacity and not fertile in nature?

45826 Clay
45827 Fine sand
45828 Loan soil
45829 Silt

4. Which soil is best soil for plants?

45830 Clay
45831 Sand
45832 Loam soil
45833 Coarse sand

5. Which of the following is derived from dead living organisms?

45834 Mineral
45835 Organic matter
45836 Both of these
45837 None of these

6. Which of the following is freshly dead and partially decomposed plant and animal Residue?

45838 Humus
45839 Litter
45840 Mineral
45841 Water

7. Which one of the following is the dark-colored, amorphous, colloidal substance which determines the type of soil?

45842 Humus
45843 Mineral
45844 Litter
45845 Source of energy

8. Which one of the following makes the soil porous and provides nutrients for plant growth?

45846 Water
45847 Air
45848 Litter
45849 Humus

9. Which of the following provides for mineral and salt to enter into plants?

45850 Air
45851 Water
45852 Humus
45853 Detritus

10. Loamy soil is the mixture of.......

45854 Silt
45855 Clay
45856 Sand and humus
45857 All of these
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