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Sectors of Indian Economy Trivia Quiz For 10th Grade Students

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Questions & Options

1. The sectors are classified into public and private sectors on the basis of....

81497 Employment condition
81498 The nature of economics activities
81499 Number of workers employed
81500 Ownership of enterprises

2. When we produce a good by exploiting natural resources, it is an activity of the ...

81501 Secondary sector
81502 Tertiary sector
81503 Primary sector
81504 Organised sector

3. The service sector includes activities such as...

81505 Agriculture,dairy,fishing and forestry
81506 Making sugar,gur and bricks
81507 Transport,communication and banking
81508 None of these

4. Choose the correct meaning of the organised sector ...

81509 It covers those enterprises where the terms of employment are regular
81510 It is outside the control of the government
81511 Jobs are not regular
81512 It provides low salaries

5. Which of the following is included in the tertiary sector?

81513 ATM booths
81514 Call centres
81515 Internet cafe
81516 All of them

6. The government owns most of the assets and provides all the services ...

81517 Private sector
81518 Public sector
81519 Organised sector
81520 Tertiary sector

7. The value of all final goods and services produced within a country during a particular year is called ...

81521 Gross domestic product
81522 Net domestic product
81523 National product
81524 Production of tertiary sector

8. A situation in which more persons are employed on a job than is optimally required is...

81525 Structural unemployment
81526 Disguised unemployment
81527 Cyclical unemployment
81528 Seasonal employment

9. Out of 200 million children in the school-going age group how many are attending schools?

81529 One-fourth
81530 Half
81531 Two-thirds
81532 One-fifth

10. The central government in India made a law, implementing the right to work in how many districts of India?

81533 150 districts
81534 200 districts
81535 250 districts
81536 625 districts

11. Identify the natural product from the list of items given below.

81537 Textile
81538 Wheat flour
81539 Cotton
81540 Tomato sauce

12. Which of the following examples does not fall under the unorganized sector?

81541 A farmer irrigating his field
81542 A daily wage laborer working for a contractor
81543 A doctor in a hospital treating a patient
81544 A hand-loom weaver working on a loom in her
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