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Quiz: Who Is My Guardian Angel?

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Questions & Options

1. How are you going to represent yourself in a single word?

75420 Rebel
75421 Innovator
75422 Observer
75423 Leader

2. Which is your color group?

75424 Set of dark tone
75425 From the set of neutral tone
75426 One from earthy tones
75427 One from bright tones

3. How often do you party?

75428 On every weekend
75429 Once in a month
75430 Rarely
75431 I prefer privacy

4. Are you a fighter or a peacemaker?

75436 Fighter
75437 Peacemaker
75438 Both of the above
75439 None, rather I am a peacekeeper

5. What would you like to contribute as your social responsibility?

75440 Want to help financially to the needy
75441 Want to comfort people in the desperate times
75442 Want to eliminate pain in everyone’s life
75443 I can risk my life for loved ones

6. Which feature of yours attracts most compliments?

75444 Your eyes
75445 Your hair
75446 Your lips
75447 Your legs

7. What job do you like to do?

75448 Teacher
75449 Designer
75450 Engineer
75451 Lawyer

8. Do you believe in God?

75456 Yes, absolutely
75457 No, I believe in karma
75458 A little
75459 Hmmm.. can’t say

9. What pleases you?

75460 Money and fame
75461 Family
75462 Others failure
75463 Victory

10. How creative are you with solutions to the problem?

75464 I am not bad
75465 I always think out of the box
75466 This is not my job
75467 I would say most of the time
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