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Quiz: Which Is My Calling From God?

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Questions & Options

1. Do you believe that God has a plan for you?

118968 Yes
118969 Not sure
118970 No
118971 I don't believe all this

2. Do you like going to religious events?

118972 I participate in church events
118973 Sometimes
118974 Not really
118975 No. They are boring

3. How would you describe yourself?

118976 Strong-willed
118977 Kind
118978 Adventurous
118979 Optimistic

4. What is your weekend plan?

118980 Attend the Church and pray to God
118981 Volunteering at an orphanage
118982 Stay home and read the holy book
118983 Party with friends

5. Do you feel that you have a happy life?

118984 Yes
118985 I'm not sure
118986 I wish to be happier
118987 I hate my life

6. Which thing about Christmas excites you?

118988 The Christmas tree
118989 Delicious food
118990 Hanging out with friends
118991 I hate Christmas

7. Which profession suits you in the best way?

118992 Teacher
118993 Priest/Nun
118994 Travel vlogger
118995 Entrepreneur

8. Do you find it hard to love others?

118996 Yes
118997 Sometimes
118998 Absolutely not
118999 I don't know

9. Which one is your favorite book?

119000 Frankenstein
119001 Invisible man
119002 The Bible
119003 I don't like to read

10. According to you, what's the purpose of your life?

119004 To do something great
119005 For spreading the word of God
119006 I don't know
119007 I was born to help others

11. Do you do regular visits to church or any temple?

200504 Yes but not regular
200505 Most of the time
200506 Yes
200507 Occationally

12. Do you want to spend some time in meditation or in peace?

200508 May be
200509 Yes
200510 Most of the time
200511 I don't believe on that

13. When you sleep what kind of dream do you see?

200512 Try to create love in the society
200513 Try to guide someone
200514 Exploring the world
200515 Try to help someone
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