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Quiz: What Kind of DaddyDom Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. Which word describes you best?

138485 Kind
138486 Strict
138487 Patient
138488 Energetic

2. If you can see your little one in any outfit, what will it be?

138489 Jeans and a T-shirt
138490 Panties only
138491 A corset, stockings, and heels
138492 A soft and flowy dress

3. Choose your most desirable animal:

138493 Guard dog
138494 White tiger
138495 A puppy from the shelter
138496 None, I don't like animals

4. What is your favorite day of the year?

138497 I don't have a favorite
138498 My birthday
138499 Valentine's Day
138500 My little's birthday

5. Pick the best male entertainer from these choices:

138501 Chuck Norris
138502 George Clooney
138503 Johnny Depp
138504 Marlon Brando

6. What is your favorite accessory of hers?

138505 A soft blanket
138506 The special laptop just for U/us
138507 The watch I bought her
138508 Toy chest

7. What is definitely on your Christmas list?

138509 Lots and lots of toys
138510 A flight to see her
138511 A Dragon's Tongue
138512 A leather-bound journal

8. How would you describe your style?

138513 Expensive suits
138514 Casual, jeans and T's
138515 Naked / Commando
138516 Khakis and a collared shirt

9. Where would you most like to live?

138517 My home
138518 A 2 bedroom house on 5 acres
138519 Wherever I like to travel more
138520 As close to my friends as possible

10. What you usually do with your little ones?

138521 Get creative
138522 Read
138523 Webcam/skype
138524 Cuddle
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