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Goddess Sita Quiz: How Much You Know About Goddess Sita?

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1. Which sign of Sita did hanuman bring from her with those messages?

139497 Anklet
139498 Ring of Sita
139499 Jewel for a princess's attire
139500 Piece of the dress

2. Sita was accused of not being chaste and faithful by her subjects. She had to go into exile. Where did she stay?

139501 Valmiki's ashram
139502 Bhardwaj's ashram
139503 Atri's ashram
139504 Agust's ashram

3. Outside of Ravan's palace, one of the demonesses loved Sita like her daughter. Who was she?

139505 Surpanakha
139506 Mandodari
139507 Chitra
139508 Trijata

4. What did Sage Atri's wife, Anusuya, give to Sita?

139509 Lots of blessings
139510 Clothes, jewel that would never fade
139511 A bowl with juice
139512 None of these

5. Sita had three very good friends. They also got married at the same place, day, and time. Who were they?

139513 Mandavi
139514 Urmila
139515 Sutkirti
139516 All of the above-mentioned

6. She was an avatar of a goddess, but which one?

139517 Anagha
139518 Medha
139519 Annika
139520 Anuradha

7. Which was the name of the forest where Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Goddess Sita stayed during exile?

139531 Aranya
139532 Aranyak
139533 Dandakaranya
139534 Karanya

8. How many sons had the Goddess Sita?

139535 Five sons
139536 Four sons
139537 Three sons
139538 Two sons

9. Which of the following is son name of the goddess Sita?

139539 Santosh
139540 Kush
139541 Laxman
139542 Bharat

10. What was the mother's name of Sita, the wife of Rama?

139543 Videha
139544 Urmila
139545 Champa
139546 Sushmita

11. What is the name of 2nd son of goddess Sita?

139547 Luv
139548 Laxman
139549 Santosh
139550 Bharat
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