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The use of chemical fertilizers is also increasing day by day. Phosphate, nitrogen and other organic chemicals in chemical fertilizers are polluting the environment and groundwater resources of the land. The most dangerous pollutant is biochemistry due to which the micro-organisms of the climate and other soil are being destroyed, consequently, the quality of the soil is decreasing. Toxic chemicals enter the food chain, making them accessible to the top consumer. Excessive use of Phosphatic Fertilizers has led to the deaths of cancer in Malwa province of Punjab. It is important to note that soil overcrowding is spreading very fast with more use of fertilizer. We have to take appropriate measures to stop this. Let's know more about Pollution Due To Fertilizers.

Questions Excerpt

1. Phosphatic fertilizers are expressed in terms of percentage of -------------------.

A. Phosphorus

B. Phosphorus Pentoxide

C. Pentoxide

D. None of these

2. What is the main source of phosphorus?

A. P2O5 (Phosphorus Pentoxide)

B. P2O6 (Phosphorus Hexaoxide)

C. P2O8 (Phosphorus Octaoxide)

D. P2O2 (Phosphorus Monooxide)

3. Which of the following fertilizer is high in uranium?


B. Diammonium Phosphate

C. Both of the above

D. None of these

4. According to UNSCEAR, the concentration of uranium in the soil should be between ------------to-------------mg/kg.

A. 3 mg/kg To 11.7mg/kg

B. 30 mg/kg To 11.7mg/kg

C. 300 mg/kg To 11.7mg/kg

D. 3000mg/kg To 11.7mg/kg

5. Which of the following state of India consumes fertilizer the highest?

A. West Bengal

B. Haryana

C. Punjab

D. All of the above

6. F.A.O. According to a report of Pesticide, usage has increased by ------------------times in the last 30 years.

A. 10 times

B. 11 times

C. 12 times

D. 13 times

7. How many thousands of people are dying every year due to pesticide virus?

A. 05 thousands

B. 08 thousands

C. 10 thousands

D. 12 thousands

8. In 1991, the Supreme Court prohibited the production and sale of which and its use?


B. Endosulfan

C. Phosphorus Pentoxide

D. None of these

9. Which of the following Measures to control soil pollution?

A. Integrated Pest Management

B. Integrated Plant Nutrient Management

C. Use of gypsum and pyrites as suggested by scientists

D. All of the above

10. Which of the following is the Physical Sources of Soil Pollution?

A. Quantity and intensity of rainfall

B. Temperature and wind

C. Biological factors

D. All of the above


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