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Packing The Story Quiz For 10th Grade

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Questions & Options

1. Why was Jerome willing to do the packing?

84937 Because of his expert packing skills
84938 He did not want to miss anything
84939 He wanted to steal his friend's belongings
84940 He liked doing it

2. While packing things George and Harris did a few silly things, name them.

84941 Broke a cup and upset almost everything
84942 Squashed a tomatoes
84943 Trod on butter and stepped on a banana
84944 All of these

3. Who was the best packer?

84945 Jerome
84946 Harris
84947 George
84948 None of these

4. Who was the worst packer according to Jerome?

84949 George
84950 Harris
84951 Montmorency
84952 All of these

5. Why was Jerome the best packer?

84953 Because of his words
84954 Because his boasting
84955 Because of his ability to pack things in order
84956 None of these

6. Who was irritating George and Harris?

84957 Jerome
84958 Montmorency
84959 Packing
84960 All of these

7. Who made a mess of everything?

84961 Harris
84962 Montmorency
84963 George
84964 None of these

8. What was the name of the dog?

84965 Tommy
84966 Montmorency
84967 Tom
84968 Romy

9. What happened when George put butter on the chair?

84969 Harris sat on the chair and butter was stuck to his back
84970 Montmorency ate it
84971 Jerome ate it
84972 George kept it in the fridge

10. Who offered to do packing first?

84973 Montmorency
84974 George
84975 Harris
84976 Jerome

11. What was the most irritating thing for Jerome?

84977 Montmorency
84978 People's behavior
84979 Seeing people doing nothing
84980 Packing
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