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National Doctor's Day Quiz: How Much You Know About National Doctor's Day?

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National doctors' day is celebrated as a tribute to all the doctors for their contribution to mankind. The theme is decided keeping in mind the larger scale issue related to the medical field and the professionals and doctors. Every country celebrates Doctors’ day on different dates. In this year of Pandemic, doctors have been a blessing to human society for fighting the Disease. Many doctors sacrificed their lives while treating patients. Doctors dedicate hours standing and treating the patients, sometimes more than thirty hours. Their contribution is truly precious and is worth attributing. Let's test yourself About National Doctor's Day.

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1. National doctors' day in the US is celebrated on...

95282 15th April
95283 18th March
95284 19th June
95285 30th March

2. National doctors' day in Brazil is celebrated on...

95286 18 October
95287 15 August
95288 28 June
95289 30 November

3. The occasion was first observed in ____by Eudora Brown Almond.

95290 1956
95291 1933
95292 1940
95293 1998

4. Who is called the father of modern medicine?

95294 Aristotle
95295 Robert Boyle
95296 Hippocrates
95297 John Dalton

5. Who was known as a Greek god of medical art?

95298 Asclipius
95299 Epidaurus
95300 Zeus
95301 Ares

6. First medical use anaesthesia was developed by...

95302 Santorio Santorio
95303 William T. G. Morton
95304 Harmon Northrop Morse
95305 Joseph von Mering

7. Who was the inventor of the stethoscope ?

95306 Littman
95307 Joseph Lister
95308 Advert Jenner
95309 Rene Laennec

8. Who is the inventor of Paracetamol?

95310 Robert Koch
95311 James Lind
95312 Harmon Northrop Morse
95313 James Morgan

9. Bidhan Chandra Roy Award was instituted in 1962 in memory of B. C. Roy by the Medical Council of India...

95314 1945
95315 1989
95316 1962
95317 1990

10. The first woman doctor from Ladakh to receive the Padma Shri award in 2006 is ....

95318 Dr Tsee Khang
95319 Dr Tsering Landol
95320 Dr Tundup Tsewang
95321 Dr Willayat Ali

11. The doctor who received Padma Shri for treating over 70,000 cancer patients free of cost in Barak valley including accommodation, food, employment, and spreading awareness?

95322 Dr Vidya Joshi
95323 Dr Ravi Kannan R
95324 Dr Riya Sharma
95325 Dr Rajesh Pathak
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