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Can You Guess Your Sexuality Quiz

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1. How d'you feel about kissing someone of the opposite gender?

69414 I don't care about gender
69427 Ye for an experiment
69428 Not my cuppa, only the same gender for me
69429 Yes, only opposite genders
69430 Yes I like both genders though

2. Kissing someone of the same gender?

69415 Yep, i don't think i rly wanna kiss ppl of other genders
69416 Not my cuppa tea
69417 Maybe for an experiement
69418 I don't care about gender

3. D'you honestly think you're 100% straight

69419 Yes, don't know why i clicked on this quiz
69420 No, i'm a bit confused cuz i've never really liked other gendersthe same way other people did
69421 No, but i think i'm just bi-curious
69422 No, but i've never understood why gender is a barrier it's just a social construct

4. Do you support the LGBTQ+ community?

69423 No, I think it's gross and don't understand it. (from the creator: get a good education)
69424 Yes, i don't think i'm part of it but am a huge ally
69425 Yes, pretty sure/ sure i'm homosexual
69426 Yes, but neither of the other 2 apply to me for whatever reason.
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