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Quiz: Can You Identify Active And Passive Voice?

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Questions & Options

1. I know him.

73972 He known by me.
73973 He was known to me.
73974 He is known to me.
73975 We has been known by me.

2. Why do you waste time?

73976 Why is time been wasted by you?
73977 Why has time been wasted by you?
73978 Why is time being wasted by you/
73979 Why time is wasted by you?

3. It is time to ring the bell.

73980 It is time for the bell to be rung.
73981 It is time the bell rings.
73982 It is being time to ring the bell.
73983 It is time for the bell to ring.

4. Who is creating this mess?

73984 By whom this mess is being created?
73985 By whom is this mess being created?
73986 Who is created this mess?
73987 By whom has this mess been created?

5. We hope that we shall win the match.

73988 The match is hoped to be won.
73989 Match winning is our hope.
73990 Match winning has our hope.
73991 It is hoped that the match will be won by us.

6. Did the noise frighten you?

73992 Where you frighten by the noise?
73993 Did you frighten the noise?
73994 Were you frightened by the noise?
73995 Was the noise frightened by you?

7. Will you write a letter?

73996 Would a letter be written by you?
73997 Will a letter written by you?
73998 Will a letter be write by you?
73999 Will a letter be written by you?

8. Who did the homework?

74000 Whose homework was done?
74001 By whom was the homework done?
74002 Who had done the homework?
74003 The homework was done by whom?

9. He taught us English.

74004 We are being taught English by him.
74005 English is being taught us by him.
74006 English is taught to us by him.
74007 We are taught English by him.

10. Darjeeling grows tea.

74008 Tea is grows in Darjeeling.
74009 Tea grows in Darjeeling.
74010 Let the tea be grown in Darjeeling.
74011 Tea is being grown in Darjeeling.
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