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Quiz: How Well You Know About Viola Davis?

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Viola Davis is a popular American actress and producer. She is known for her award-winning performances in the television series 'How to Get Away with Murder', Broadway Productions of 'King Hadley II' and 'Fans' and its film adaptation, but she is mostly known for her roles in comedies is. And Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2012 and 2017. She was born in St. Matthew, South Carolina. She did her primary education at Central Falls High School, and then Davis attended Rhode Island College, studied theater, and attended the National Student Exchange before graduating in 1988. Subsequently, she studied at the Juilliard School for four years. And then began her acting career in minor theater productions in Central Fall, Rhode Island. A few years later she became a successful actress. Do you think you know enough about Viola Davis? So let's start this quiz and know about Viola Davis.

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1. When was Viola Davis born?

108356 11 August 1965
108357 21 August 1960
108358 15 August 1972
108359 11 August 1969

2. Which film did she make her debut in?

108360 Doubt
108361 The Help
108362 Hangmen
108363 Eat Pray Love

3. Which character was portrayed by her in the movie "The Suicide Squad"?

108364 Amanda Waller
108365 Ratcatcher
108366 Jennifer
108367 Harley Quinn

4. For which movie she won Academy Award?

108368 Custody
108369 Fences
108370 Troop Zero
108371 Prisoners

5. What is the name of her production company?

108372 April Sky Studios
108373 Shine America
108374 Nordisk Films
108375 Fortis Films

6. What movie led Sandra Bullock to get a Golden Globe nomination?

108376 Knight And Day
108377 Beautiful Creatures
108378 While You Were Sleeping
108379 Medea Goes To Jail

7. Which character was portrayed by her in the movie "Won't Back Down"?

108380 Nona
108381 Malia
108382 Evelyn
108383 Breena

8. In which movie she plays the role of "Aibileen Clark "?

108384 Fences
108385 Widows
108386 The Help
108387 Blackhat

9. In which year she won Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress?

108388 2010
108389 2018
108390 2020
108391 2015

10. How many Tony Awards she won in her career?

108392 Six
108393 Five
108394 Two
108395 Zero

11. In which year she was honored with BET Award for Best Actress?

108396 2018
108397 2015
108398 2012
108399 2010
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