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Quiz: How Well You Know About Emily Blunt?

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Emily Blunt is a famous British-American actress who has starred in various hit films and dramas and is primarily popular for playing seminal roles in films such as' The Devil Wears Prada, 'The Girl on the Train,' and 'Age of Tomorrow'. She was born Oliver Wands Peter Blunt, a barrister and Joanna, a teacher and one-time actress, in Wandsworth, London. Blunt struggled with stammering from the age of eight and her struggle continued for the next seven years, but she never gave up and started her schooling at 'Ibstock Place School' in Roehampton and then in 2000, after finishing her education from 'Hurtwood House', a high school for residential students in Dorking, Surrey, she was named 'Edinburgh Festival' 'Had the opportunity to showcase his acting skills. And a year later, she began her professional career as a theater artist. And now she attracts fans from all over the world to watch her movies. So let's start this quiz and know about a famous actress Emily Blunt.

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1. When was Emily Blunt born?

110314 29 February 1983
110315 19 February 1985
110316 28 February 1980
110317 29 January 1983

2. With which play she made her acting debut?

110322 Death of a Salesman
110323 The Royal Family
110324 Tennessee Williams
110325 A Streetcar Named Desire

3. Which character was portrayed by her in the movie "A Quiet Place"?

110326 Evelyn Abbott
110327 Regan Abbott
110328 Marcus Abbott
110329 None of these

4. What drama film made her earn the Evening Standard British Film Award for Most Promising Newcomer?

110330 A Quiet Place
110331 Edge Of Tomorrow
110332 My Summer of Love
110333 The Adjustment Bureau

5. In which year she won Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance?

110338 2010
110339 2019
110340 2009
110341 2018

6. She wins Golden Globe award for which movie?

110346 Looper
110347 Jungle Cruise
110348 The Wolfman
110349 Gideon's Daughter

7. Which character was portrayed by her in the movie "The Five-Year Engagement"?

110354 Venetha
110355 Audrey
110356 Violet Barnes
110357 Carol Solomon

8. Who was her co-star in the movie "Edge Of Tomorrow"?

110362 Tom Hanks
110363 Tom Cruise
110364 Tom Riddle
110365 Robert Downey

9. In which year she was honored with Costume Designers Guild Award?

110370 2019
110371 2010
110372 2015
110373 2020

10. Which character was portrayed by her in the movie "Mary Poppins Returns"?

110378 Jane Banks
110379 Karen Dotrice
110380 Mary Poppins
110381 The Balloon Lady
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