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Quiz: How Well Know About PUBG Game?

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PUBG is an online multiplayer player, the full form of Pubg is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.PUBG game published by a South Korean video game company. PUBG game was first released for Microsoft windows. PUBG mobile has crossed 600 million downloads and has sold over 60 million copies. PUBG game is the most popular played video game of all time. So take this quiz and know more about the PUBG game.

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1. When was the PUBG game released?

110634 30 April 2015
110635 12 August 2016
110636 30 July 2016
110637 5 October 2017

2. Who was the PUBG game designer?

110638 Brendan greene
110639 Brendan red
110640 Greenspan
110641 None of these

3. What was the PUBG game producer's name?

110642 Chang han
110643 Kim chang - han
110644 Tom malta
110645 Grapa

4. Who was the PUBG game composer?

110650 Muralidhar
110651 Kappa
110652 Tou pump
110653 Tom salta

5. How many users of the PUBG game till 2020?

110666 180 million users
110667 200 million users
110668 230 million users
110669 269 million users

6. Which country plays the most PUBG game in 2017?

110670 India
110671 U.S.A
110672 South Korea
110673 China

7. Who is God of PUBG?

110686 SURTAX
110687 APPLE
110688 SHROUD
110689 None of these

8. Who is the king of PUBG in India?

110698 Aditya Puri
110699 Aditya Sawant
110700 Sonali Singhaniya
110701 Sawant Singh

9. Number one player of the PUBG in India Is ....

110710 Naman Mathur
110711 Shefali Mehta
110712 Raman Mathur
110713 Raj Singh

10. In which country PUBG is banned?

110714 Iraq
110715 Jordan
110716 Nepal
110717 All of these
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