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Quiz: How Well Do You Know About Morgan Freeman?

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Morgan Freeman, known for his distinctive and Conspicuous voice, he is not only an American actor but also producer and narrator. Morgan Freeman played the lead role in a school play at the age of seven, which made him interested in acting. But Freeman joined the Air Force after his high school studies. Then later he realized that he had to make an actor, and then he started his acting career. He is now one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. If you think that you know everything about Morgan, you definitely should try this quiz!

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1. When Morgan Freeman was born?

86925 1 June 1938
86926 1 June 1947
86927 2 June 1937
86928 1 June 1937

2. For which movie Morgan gets a first nomination for Academy Awards?

86929 Million dollar baby
86930 Street Smart
86931 Seven
86932 The bucket list

3. For which movie Morgan Freeman won Academy Awards?

86933 The bucket list
86934 Invictus
86935 Driving Miss Daisy
86936 Million dollar baby

4. What film starring Morgan Freeman as Judge Leonard White was released in 1990?

86937 The Bonfire of the Vanities
86938 Driving Miss Daisy
86939 Going in style
86940 Kiss the girls

5. In which movie did actor Morgan Freeman play Tom Beck?

86941 Going in style
86942 Deep Impact
86943 Invictus
86944 None of these

6. In which film Morgan Freeman starring as Charles Grimes was released in 2002?

86945 High Crimes
86946 Olympus has fallen
86947 Under suspicion
86948 None of these

7. What is the religion of Morgan Freeman?

86949 Muslims
86950 Hindu
86951 Jewish
86952 Christian

8. What was the name of the character Morgan Freeman portrayed in the 1089 drama 'Lean on Me'?

86953 Joe Clark
86954 Morgan
86955 Freeman
86956 None of these

9. What is the net worth of Morgan Freeman in 2020?

86957 $ 300 billion
86958 $ 250 million
86959 $ 250 billion
86960 $ 300 million

10. When was the Morgan Freeman won Oscar awards?

86961 2006
86962 2010
86963 2005
86964 2007
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